Our Shared Communication Fiber Network Platform

We provide high-speed & high capacity shared fiber communication networks for all communication services operators and users in Emerging Asia

Our fiber network platform comprises of terrestrial networks that consists of nationwide backbone and metro duct networks to deliver national connections. We partially own and have access rights to two international submarine cable netowrks : the AAE-1 and PLCN, respectively.

We construct, own and operate the largest independent shared fiber network platform in the fast-growing markets of Myanmar and Cambodia and only such network of scale in Emerging Asia.

I. In Myanmar, we have a nationwide backbone network of 27,480 route km and a metro duct network of 2,209 route km. Our fiber network in Myanmar further extends to all five of its neighboring countries – Laos, Thailand, China, Bangladesh, and India;


II. In Cambodia, we have a nationwide backbone network of 21,809 route km and a metro duct network of 1,532 route km. Our fiber network in Cambodia further extends to all three of its neighboring countries – Laos, Thailand and Vietnam;


III. International extension of our terrestrial fiber networks;

(1)AAE-1 : HyalRoute is a member of the international consortium that collectively owns and operates AAE-1 network. It allows us to provide our customers with international access to 19 countries through its approximately 25,000 route km over 20 landing stations. It is the largest 100 Gbps submarine cable and connects three regional communication hubs- Singapore, Hong Kong and France to each other;


(2)PLCN (Pacific Light Cable Network) : an approximately 13,000 route km submarine network cable which, once completed in 2019, will serve as the first direct fiber link between Hong Kong and the US. HyalRoute has purchased the bandwidth (on an IRU basis). It allows us to provide our client to have access to this first trans-pacific cable to directly connect Hong Kong to US;


IV. Our products and services are :

(1) Nationwide backbone Fiber Optic network services ;

Nationwide Backbone Network Services

(2)Metro duct Fiber Optic network services;

Metro Duct Network

(3)International Connectivity within submarine Fiber Optic cable networks;

International Connectivity (Submarine Cable Networks)

(4)Colocation services;

Colocation Services

(5)Maintenance services;

Maintenance Services

V.The unique ways we benefit our customers

(1)Independent and customer-neutral with non-discriminatory access and services;

(2) “one-stop” connectivity platform with access to nationwide backbone, metro duct, and international networks;

(3)An alternative to “self-built for self-use” at lower cost;

(4)Flexible financial arrangement through either upfront purchases or ongoing leases that best meet your strategic and financial objectives;

(5)Shortened time –to-market with strategic flexibility to access dark fiber network capacity of extensive coverage from a readily available network;

(6)Superior network quality, reliability and security with industry-leading international standards;

(7) 24/7 preventive and recovery system dedicated to ensuring our network performance and reliability;






Our vision is to create the first and largest pan-regional, independent, customer-neutral, and shared communications fiber network in Emerging Asia.our platform provides a "one-stop" solution for domestic fiber optic cable and international bandwidth users in Myanmar and Cambodia.