Dark Fiber

We provide our customers with access to a safe, scalable, reliable and extensive fiber network of 6,961,711 core km and 49,289 route km in two fastest growing markets in Emerging Asia region : Myanmar and Cambodia

We design, build, own, operate and maintain dark fiber networks in Myanmar and Cambodia on a nationwide scale. These networks consist of physical fiber cables (substantially all of which are housed underground), underground ducts, and colocation facilities.

Our terrestrial networks in Myanmar and Cambodia consist of nationwide backbone and metro duct networks.Our nationwide backbone networks interconnect urban and rural areas and provide a path for the long- haul exchange of data. Our metro duct networks connect local areas networks within the same metropolitan areas to each other, thereby making the “ last mile” network access shorter for our customers.


Customers can choose to purchase or lease the fiber from us, to “light up” the fiber they purchase or lease from us using their own optronic equipment, servers, and other supporting hardware

The unique ways we benefit our customers

Dark fiber is more secure, more scalable, less risky and experiences lower latency and downtime rates;

Shared fiber network is more time and cost effective, which leads to shortened time –to-market;

Option to purchase or lease the fiber offer customers the flexibilities to “light up” according to their needs and with their own equipment;

Service-agnostic with a 24/7 preventive and recovery system dedicated to ensuring our network performance and reliability;

Ring- protected with layers of redundancy incorporated into our networks, to better ensure network availability in the event of a network device or path failure or unavailability;







Our vision is to create the first and largest pan-regional, independent, customer-neutral, and shared communications fiber network in Emerging Asia.our platform provides a "one-stop" solution for domestic fiber optic cable and international bandwidth users in Myanmar and Cambodia.